Gravity Industries Jet Suit has an impressive 5-km range and travels over 80 km/h

Gravity Industries Jet Suit has an impressive 5 km range and travels up to 80 km/h

Quickly gain access to those who are injured in mountainous terrain with the Gravity Industries Jet Suit. It’s able to lift off vertically to altitudes up to 12,000′ and land precisely on a small footprint. Moreover, the Gravity Industries Jet Suit has a generous 5-km range powered by 5 gas turbine engines. In fact, it generates 1,050 bhp and 318 lbs of thrust. It can also travel over 80 km/h, enabling you to reach your location quickly and safely. Most importantly, this jet suit allows you to rescue those in aid in difficult-to-access locations. Furthermore, it can travel across difficult terrain and could be a benefit to those responding to emergencies in rural areas. Overall, it could offer life-changing benefits.


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