NJ Electric Company – JCP&L says the transformer is too small for solar and wants us to pay for a larger one

We’re having a 34kW rooftop solar array put on our horse barn to power our house/barn. Our solar installer just reached out and said when filing the project/net-metering paperwork with our electric utility (JCP&L), they were told that the transformer that goes to our house is undersized and would need to be upgraded and that we would need to cover the cost of that. I haven’t received a price yet but I can’t imagine a new transformer would be cheap. Has anyone ever heard anything like this before? I have no idea about transformer sizing but it looks like any other transformer you’d see on a telephone/electric pole. I was ready to close on a HELOC to pay for the solar array and now I’m wondering if we’re even going to be able to go through with the project.

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