Texas Solar is a Scam

Yeah I know it’s my mistake not doing enough research before signing up.

I’m just doing others a favor so they don’t make the same mistake as me. Also I wanna know if there’s anything I can do at this point.

I was living in an old town house and moved to a new built home. So this bandits from Powur won’t stop knocking on my door because apparently solar is the new hot thing. And they had a 12 month free promo going on when I signed up. The salesman explained how it will be good since I have an electric car. He said my estimated usage would be roughly 1700 KWh based on my previous bill, the size of my car’s battery, and size of townhome which had less square footage but an extremely inefficient AC. No wonder my bill was high. Now with a brand new home my usage is about 1000 kwh per month. So without a solar system I’d be paying a lot less. Now with solar I’m paying $170 per month for the system and then the electric companies in Texas are complete robbers. It’s a joke. Nobody does 1 to 1 anymore with unlimited roll over.

Rhythm used to but they changed recently. Now they only credit you for the amount you have used. So if anyone is telling you that you will save money with solar that’s completely false. Plus the tax credit is another scammy thing. Salespeople make it sound like IRS is waiting with bunch of money that they will pay towards your solar. And it will take off a significant portion from this stupid $45k system cost, Hahahah. What crooks. Nope it’s actually credit against your income. It’s not a lump sump amount that IRS pays. People are being lied to. And this capitalist system is fucking crooked. I’m producing fucking energy using the panels I paid for and these people will not give me money for it. Because they wanna do business and pretend they care about planet and promote clean energy.

TLDR: Nobody does 1 to 1 anymore. Even if one or two company is doing they will stop it soon, there’s no roll over of credit anymore. IRS isn’t paying anything towards that expensive system. You’ve been lied to and it’s astronomically expensive. So why going solar. Any reason?

But still people are extremely stupid to sign up for this mess.

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