Wiki Update Extravaganza

Hi friends!

Just over a month ago, I posted about working on the r/TeslaMotors wiki. I wasn’t expecting to check in again so soon, but I’ve been particularly productive this last month and wanted to share an update.


My work is big on gratitude, and I’m trying to get better about it, so I’ll start there. Thank you to u/110110, u/rcnfive, and u/majesticjg for all their prior work on the wiki. No kiss assery here; they’ve all legit put a bunch of effort into the wiki for the last six years or so. They’ve also been quite gracious as I’ve come in and taken it over and given the entire page tree a facelift. So, thank you again to them.

Additionally, thank you to the few people that have given me feedback so far. I’ve had a couple of people toss out ideas, and I really appreciated their thoughts: u/Nakatomi2010 and u/bananamonkey88. There have also been several others that unknowingly helped me by asking questions in our quarterly support thread.

Updates worth pointing out

  • Every single page has been re-written from the ground up. Spelling, grammar, formatting, pictures, links, all of it. In general, the pages should be clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate. If they aren’t, definitely don’t keep it a secret.


  • The Support, Range, and FAQ pages in particular have gotten huge overhauls. Several hours of research and writing went into each page to make them more useful for all y’all. Everything should now be current, and I plan to keep it updated consistently.


  • We have several new pages worth mentioning!
    • Top Issues & Resolutions focuses on community-sourced resolutions, whereas the Support page mentioned above focuses on Tesla’s official information.
    • FAQ – Delivery complements the general FAQ page by specifically focusing on new vehicle delivery-related questions. There are just a crazy amount of questions about deliveries (which as an aside, Tesla should take a hint about that), so this page aims to quell the onslaught of those questions.
    • Useful Sites technically isn’t a new page, but it’s had quite a bit added to it. You’ll now find Tesla accessory websites, podcasts, news, community contributions, and more. For those of you that have been around a while and have seen u/110110‘s Gigathread of Resources, the Useful Sites page now completely replaces that as the canonical Gigathread.
    • Tesla Events has a running history of product announcement videos, factory announcement videos, and the most recent four quarters of financial results calls. Where possible, I’ve also linked the relevant megathread.


  • The FAQ and FAQ – Delivery pages have a new neat permalink feature. Sometimes it’s nice to link people to the exact Q&A relevant to their question. Now you can do that.


  • As the Wiki has some renewed value, it’s once again front and center in our top nav!

Up Next

  • I’ve heard people really like the Software Updates page. I’ve got a complete rework in progress and expect to have it done in another week or two.
  • There were quite a few community contributions in the wiki from over the years. Unfortunately, several of them fell out of date and aren’t useful without some renewed attention. I’d like to launch a bounty program that gives the community an opportunity to update one aging resource at a time in exchange for some fake internet points and reddit gold. More on this soon.
  • If you’re interested in keeping up with the updates, check out our new wiki Changelog page.

As always, please leave a comment here if you’re willing to grace me with your feedback. Positive, neutral, or negative, I’ll take it all.

Talk soon!

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