Ouch! I might get denied for over producing.

Ouch! I might get denied for over producing.

So my first application to the utility was for a 9.6kW system to our local utility company – Fortis in Alberta Canada. My installer was able to get me a 10.8kW system and he’s up there pounding in rails and clips and whatnot. This morning, half way into the job but fortunately before any panels go up, I get a reply to the 9.6kW application saying I would be “over producing” and they have concerns.

I do have a bit of a loop hole fortunately. Last October I put a deposit on a Hyundai Ioniq 5 which has been delayed until the end of this year. Fortis says they may allow me to generate a bit more power because of this. Honestly, who knew over producing was even a thing your power company could regulate? Looks like they will probably approve the initial application but may not allow me to go higher.

I guess my installer should have known but he’s been doing this for years and it’s never been an issue.


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