New delivery review (Last delivery was 3 years ago for comparison)

Just wanted to give a quick review of the delivery process I went through in comparison to my car 3 years ago

2019: Ordered a show room model 3 that showed up after a couple weeks, paperwork and delivery were PAINFUL. We got there, got pointed to a room where no one was actively working at all, and got told to wait. Waited for almost 2 hours to finally get seen by a rep and work through the paperwork and drive off with our new car. Total time was around 3 hours.

May 10-14: Actively worked through trade in, payment, insurance, and chunk of paperwork and agreements in the app. Took about 60 minutes over a few days to get everything completed and scheduled (shout out to state farm for making swapping insurance easy in the app)

We show up, the car is ready to go, we sign paperwork and we are in and out in literally 25 minutes. Only concern is my delivery date bounced around quite a bit leading up to the delivery (ordered in September, delivered on May 14th) but ended up showing up about when we expected (slightly early)

Charger was included.

Wanted to throw this on here for anyone unsure about how the process is supposed to work.

If anyone has any questions, fire away!

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