How much should I be producing for a 10.2 kW system? First day after PTO!

Got an email monday night that my PTO was approved. I signed up for Enphase app. Yesterday was the first full day of production. Sure was fun monitoring it all day, and watching my electric meter going backwards!

But, even though it was sunny all day here in northern NJ, my production was pretty lame. I have a 10.2 kW system, and I only produced 11.2 kWh for the entire day.

I know what my issue is, trees. I’m getting a lot of shading much of the day this time of year with the sun so low. I can fix the problem as I take trees down for firewood, I’m on 4 wooded acres. They are mostly skinny tall trees that grew like weeds over the years we’ve been here and are not difficult for me to cut down.

Anyway, I’m wondering what I should be producing with a 10 kW system this time of year IF there were no trees. The panels face 145 degrees southeast. Thank you.

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