PG&E Interconnection application and PTO time limits

I would like some advice on how to best proceed with interconnection application to buy myself time to complete my solar install. I plan to do it myself, but it’s looking like my county is going to make me have a B contractor friend stamp, submit, and be present for all inspections. They are asserting that 690.4(C) disallows owner builder without certification, and that they will not accept 70E.

That will take time to arrange and we’ve got a baby on the way so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get the installation completed by April. If I miss NEM2 so be it, but I should probably still at least try to squeak it in. This is a ground mount so permitting is going to be longer and more complicated than a rooftop express permit.

  1. I understand that there is some grey area about Interconnection application vs. permit first, like both parties will tell you to do one then the other but really you just need both done by the end, with the approved permit provided to PG&E to get PTO.

  2. I understand from the Interconnection application that you have 1 year to complete the project before you have to resubmit, but the wording is unclear if you lose your application grandfathering at that point and i have heard some people say you have “unlimited” time to finish.

N. Stale Agreements: If this agreement is still pending one year from the date it is received by PG&E and Customer has not met all of the requirements, PG&E will close this application and Customer will be required to submit a new Agreement and Application should Customer wish to take service on Schedule NEM2.

Are they saying you can just re-apply for NEM2 then even if NEM3 is in effect for new applicants? I wouldn’t think so but maybe.

Obviously just getting it done within the 1 year allowance is ideal, but does it then make most sense to actually play chicken with the cutoff and submit my application right before it, like in March 2022? In order to buy myself the most time.

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