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I have just acquired (4) 100ah lifepo4 lithium iron phosphate batteries. I have 2 different locations that I would like the ability to use the batteries at, each location having separate solar setups. I’ll describe both locations and purposes. Location 1. Primary location will have (2) 180watt panels available VOC-23.84v, ISC- 9.57a. This is a complete off grid location with shed built that I only need power for running 4-5 low wattage shop lights from time to time, and charging power tool batteries and cell phone. I could do a trickle charge on one or 2 batteries or I could just swap batteries out whenever I go on location, and charge from home. Location 2. Home location has 2 solar panels 355 watts each VOC-41.50v ISC 10.8a. This location I only want the ability to use the batteries in an outage emergency to run a few freezers. In such an emergency I could employ all 4 batteries for this purpose.

Currently the only other system components I have purchased is a Renogy mppt charge controller. Renogy Rover 40amp 12/24v DC MPPT solar charge controller on amazon currently priced at $111. I figured by my math I could use the same charge controller at both locations and be ok. Other than that I seek advice on what size cables to get for each location. I am leaning on the ability to have a trickle charger at location 1 with just 1 battery, and the ability to run 4 batteries at my home but I assume cables for each of these would be different.

Thank You for reading.

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