Save over £60 on the L’or barista coffee capsule machine this Black Friday

L'or Barista Coffee Capsule Machine

SAVE OVER £60: The L’Or Barista Coffee Capsule Machine is on sale for £99.99 this Black Friday, saving you 39% on list price.

As if the Black Friday deals weren’t tasty enough, with this deal you get two for the price of one — two cups of coffee, that is, thanks to double shot capsules which pour two espressos at once. That’s what sets the L’Or barista coffee capsule machine apart from other quick-and-easy espresso machines. The other thing that sets this one apart is the Black Friday price.

The L’or barista coffee capsule machine is currently on sale for just £99.99 — that’s a saving of 39% on the regular price.

Double shots are not mandatory, of course. The L’or barista coffee capsule machine is compatible with both L’or barista double shot capsules and L’or espresso single shot capsules. But there’s no doubt this machine would suit a household of coffee lovers, or sweethearts who like to drink coffee together in the morning.

It allows you to adjust cup size and flavour preferences (coffee options include espresso, ristretto, latte, and luno) and uses smart capsule recognition capsules. This reads the L’or capsules and adjusts settings for optimum flavour, delivering up to 19 bars of pressure. Other features include an adjustable drip tray and an integrated milk frother, which immediately switches up the coffee options.

The deal is available until Nov. 29, which gives you a little time after Black Friday itself, but there’s a rush on coffee machine deals at Black Friday so don’t get caught sleeping and un-caffeinated.


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