Thoughts on this system

I am new to solar and not familiar with all the systems, components, etc., can you please evaluate a recent quote I received. Note: I live in a very hot (and sunny) climate. Rarely snows, very snows maybe 1 to 2 days a year, where it does not stick to the roadway.

Can anything be improved or can you suggest if different components would be better or best.

-REC Group Alpha Pure REC410

-Enphase IQ8 IQ8-72-2-US Micro inverter

  • 11.1 kW
  • 15,597 kWh Annual usage
  • Number of panels 27
  • Number of inverters 27 (?)
  • Price per Watt $2.72 – Cash, install included.
  • NEM billing (not metering)
  • Solar only quote, not including batteries.
  • South Facing (have not seen the layout to know if all panels will be south facing). I have 500+ sq ft south facing.

I would like to add 1 or 2 panels for future needs for future plug in hybrid (1 to 2), mini-split in 850 sq ft garage.

Additional SMART panel is $3,900.

Is there a disadvantage to having greater than 100% production.

Number of inverters says 27, so each panel gets their own inverter?

I do plan to add batteries, the above quote is for solar only.

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