$5000 Off Grid Solar

I would like to outfit a 64*32 shed with power so that it can be a short stay cabin of sorts. All major energy demands will be propane (building heat, water heater, etc) but we will need lights, well pump, refrigerator, microwave, TV, and phone charging etc. I am thinking 3000W of peak power should be just fine. We need the refrigerator to run continuously and reliably while we are not there. We may also want to run a humidistat controlled dehumidifier while we are gone as well.

I am not an expert but these things all seem doable for a $5000 self install off grid setup. Am I crazy? Any components you would recommend for this system? I looked and for about $1200 I can build a 6kwh 24v battery which I would think is plenty. Is building worth while or is off the shelf better? Any and all thoughts welcomed!

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