Garmin Descent MK3 Dive Computer Series helps you make the most of your dive experience

Garmin Descent Sonar MK3 Dive Computer Series

Get more out of your dive with the Garmin Descent MK3 Dive Computer Series.


Air Integration: Compatible with Descent T2 transceivers (available separately) for integrated pressure monitoring across up to 8 tanks.

SubWave Sonar Networking: This technology lets you exchange diver-to-diver messages within a range of 30 meters.

Dive Modes: Then, you get dive modes for multiple gas dives, including nitrox and trimix, gauge, apnea, and more.

Dive Readiness Tool: What’s more, this diving smartwatch considers lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, stress, and jet lag to provide insights into your body’s readiness for a dive.

DiveView Maps: Provides color maps directly on your wrist. they display bathymetric depth contours and over 4,000 dive sites.

A Dive-Focused Design: This gadget is great for dive. It has an AMOLED color display, a durable sapphire lens, a 200-meter dive-rated case for deep dives, and leakproof metal inductive buttons.


This watch withstands challenging underwater environments.


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