Whiskey Review: Blue Run Spirits Double Oak Single Barrel Rye

Editor’s Note: This whiskye was provided to us as a review sample by the party behind it. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. 

You might have seen bottles of Blue Run Spirits’ products. They are hard to miss, with a lovely designed bottle and a metallic butterfly. This high end design is not surprising since Blue Run Spirits was founded by 5 entrepreneurs whose goal was to “sneakerize” the whiskey industry.

CEO/co-founder Mike Montgomery said at one point, “Nowadays, there is such a buzz around new premium tennis shoe drops. People stand in lines for hours and are so excited to score a pair. We thought, why not  apply some of their principles to the bourbon industry and help it evolve”

They’ve been quite successful in this, especially because the quality of their whiskey matches the high end bottle design in no small thanks to Jim Rutledge, a Bourbon Hall of Famer with more than  50 years of experience. They released their first 13 year bourbon in 2020 to much critical acclaim. It is important to note that Blue Run Spirits was not the distiller, however; Rutledge chose that release from 30-50 samples.

Fast forward to 2023, and Blue Run has unveiled designs for a new distillery, which will be 35,000 square feet, and a 20,000 square feet rickhouse. And, a few months later, they were acquired by acquired by North American brewer Molson Coors. The good news is that the Blue Run whiskey team, including Rutledge and whiskey director Shaylyn Gammon, alongside company founders Mike Montgomery, Tim Sparapani, Jesse McKnight, and Andy Brown, will stay with the brand.

What I’m reviewing here today was released back some months ago to celebrate Father’s Day as part of 10 individual barrels. This release in particular is barrel #68593 / 07F. It is double oaked, single barrel, and described as the company’s first whiskey finished in new, charred oak barrels.

According to Seelbach, “Blue Run’s first whiskey aged in two separate new American White Oak barrels – both with a #3 medium toast char level. The first barrel does the heavy lifting, aging the fine whiskey for the majority of its journey. But before bottling, the handcrafted whiskey is then put into another new barrel for a final finishing that lends extra sweetness from the newness of that char, matching perfectly with the spiciness of the concentrated rye flavors.”

We review Blue Run Spirits Double Oak Single Barrel Rye, the company’s first whiskey finished in new, charred oak barrels. (image via Blue Run Spirits)

Tasting Notes: Blue Run Spirits Double Oak Single Barrel Rye

Vital Stats:  Double oaked, single barrel rye; No age statement; 106.2 proof. SRP: 199.99.

Appearance: Honey.

Nose: Lovely oak, slight aromas of berry jam, hints of orange peel. I also got a little bit of char as if from a well bbq’d steak.

Palate: Nice blend of oak and sweetness. Little burn at the end, very pleasant, as if to say I am still here! I also get a little bit of dark chocolate covered candied orange peel. Mint spiciness comes in towards the end as well and lingers on.

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