Gateway 2 failed weeks after installation, now on month 7 of waiting for a replacement.

Morning. I work for a small nonprofit which I will not be providing any detail on because… you know, nonprofits. One of our buildings is located in a completely off-grid setting, and recently upgraded to a dedicated solar system with a Powerwall 2. It worked great for a little under two months, until the inverter showed an electrical fault error and the system stopped charging.

We contacted our installers, who diagnosed the problem as the Gateway 2 failing, after having been in operation for only a couple months. Should be the most cut-and-dry warranty replacement ever, right?

That was last November. We’ve received no communication from Tesla, despite our installers apparently being in constant contact with them. They blame the inefficiency of Tesla’s service department, but at a certain point inefficiency stops being an excuse. That said, the lack of transparency from our installers is also suspect. So this is partial venting, and partially looking for a second opinion. Is a 7 month turnaround for a system that’s now been inoperative for three times longer than it was actually working unusual, or are our installers just stringing us along and using Tesla as a shield, or is it perhaps some combination of both?

Needless to say, not having power at this site is beyond inconvenient, and is impacting our ability to run several of our programs. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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