Need advice –> off-grid cabin Finland

I recently purchased a cabin in Finland and I’m looking for some advice from people with more experience in dealing with solar solutions.

The cabin would only be used between spring and fall so approximately between the months of April-October. The cabin will be heated using wood so that should be factored in when considering the need for electricity. Basically I would like to be able to run normal everyday house appliances like a small dishwasher, charge phones/laptop, watch tv, play music on a vinyl player. Now obviously these would not be used as much as in an average household and as the cabin would no be a permanent residency but somewhere to visit on weekends or for one week at a time, for example. If I use my 1-bedroom studio as a point of reference (approximately 250kWh/month between 1.1 – 31.3.2022) then I would guess that on the high end the power consumption at the cottage would be significantly less since heating is cut out of the equation completely (cabin would be heated via woodstove) and there is no desktop computer which is on 24/7 at my regular home.

The cabin is not attached to the main electricity grid and I would like to keep it that way if possible. Something to consider is that I have to do major renovations at the cottage and would need to charge battery powered power tools regularly during renovations.

I have no experience with solar power so please let me know if I should give more details! 🙂


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