Our electricity is going up from 4.6c kwhr to 10.6 next month. Should I jump on solar?

I’d like to get solar to 0 out my bill as much as possible. My bill now is already 150/m in the good months. 300 in the coldest/hottest months.

My question is, is it worthwhile? My homes usage is about 12kW/yr with a max of 1900sqft of roof. I was told I’m a good candidate for solar.

The quote I received is for $2.45/w for a 12kW system. Smaller systems are 2.75/w. So I’d be paying near $22k for a larger system and $13k for 5kw. I’m waiting for additional quotes.

The alternative is adding insulation in the walls. Im told I should see a 35% decrease on my utility bill. There’s sometimes a 10 degree difference between the floors and the heat pump runs near constantly during the summer and winter months. The cost for insulation is $6000. Personally, I think I could see even more than a 35% decrease because we run additional fans, AC units, and heaters to compensate for the heat difference. And sometimes it’s still too hot or cold.

We are having a new roof and siding installed this month so it’s a great time to do either solar or insulate the walls while the siding is off. Ideally I’d do both but I don’t know if I could swing the cost financially. Wise minds who have been doing this a while, what do you recommend?

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