WANTED: Independent Solar Consultant to Spec Solar System for a Novice Consumer

Much as the title says, I want to install a solar system but I’m mystified, as in scared sh***ss, with all the components, factors, intricacies, technical jargon and gotchas involved. The more I read, the more scared and paranoid I become.

Question: Is there such a thing as a Solar Technical Consultant/Configurator??

I bit of background… I live and the system will be installed in Puerto Rico. Yes, we do have some solar installers but I’m of the opinion that they sell and size what they want and not necessarily what I need currently and long term. Since we do not get ANY kind of subsidies, then it becomes more critical to have an uninterested professional create the specs, review the the quotes and give me an informed recommendation. BTW, specs are specs. So the consultant(s) need not be local.

Thanks for the opportunity to present my request.

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