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I signed a contract with company A, who promised 25-year labor warranty on top of manufacturer’s limited 25-year warranties (“All of the manufacturer’s warranties are limited 25-year warranties, meaning labor is not included for the full 25-years. Our contract covers the labor for the full 25-years for the panels, microinverters and the racking with a valid warranty claim”). However, upon closer reading of the contract, I noticed the labor warranty is for the duration of manufacturer’s product warranty, and they’ve sent me a spec sheet of the panel (Hyundai 365) that says the product warranty is 12 years.

When I confronted the sales person, quoting his previous wording above, he said:

“The warranties on all the equipment you stated below are 25-year limited warranties. The contract states that [company name] will bear the costs of labor and material for the duration of such warranties. This covers you with labor for the full warranty period. If the manufacturers product warranty is 12-years your Warranty Assurance paragraph states you are covered for labor and material for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranties. “

So it looks like the labor warranty (at least for the panels) is 12 years although he’s not admitting it explicitly? This makes me wary and think about cancelling the contract (I’m still in the 3-day window).

There’s another company B I’ve been talking to, who uses panels with 25-year product warranty, but they’re not adding labor warranty. I chose company A for a large part because of the added labor warranty, but if it’s only 12 years, is it still better than company B’s 25-year product warranty only? Or is it better to cancel with company A anyway because of their dishonesty?

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